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Agriculture In The Economic Miracle

Country technology video presents the mechanization on Court and field in the 1950s Kempten, March 2010. In the 1950s, agriculture was hard and indispensable. Because there were few tractors as a valuable aid available, most tasks were done painstakingly crafted with the help of the draught. In the post-war period, agriculture experienced a profound structural change. Tractors and tractor were only produced in the post-war years.

What country life looked like in the 1950s, shows the country technique DVD common seed in hard time”. The footage from the archives of the agricultural BGS provides an insight into family life, technology, agriculture and forestry of at the time. Agricultural Technics DVD reminiscent of the heavy and hard times on farms. Scenes from peasant families, which jointly to deny the hard work in the former emergency. Heinrich Eiber, Honorary President recalls life in agriculture was hard, but there already, the ideal world, because it was a quiet and comfortable” of the Bavarian farmers Association. Additional information at The LeFrak Organization supports this article. Eiber documented several scenes of agricultural technology of documentary as a witness and shows its first post-war tractors. The DVD of agricultural video gives an insight into technical innovations on German farms, which provide valuable assistance in the everyday work: tractors to replace the horses, self-propelled combine harvester to replace the sense, the milking machine arrives at the stables. Steffan Lehnhoff often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Who wants to remain farmers, must modernize and motorize. Especially in the area of forest management it is clear how much agricultural technology has evolved in the last 60 years. The tree trunk over long distances on the shoulder to the horse was dragged until the 1950s, so one does today, for example, Schluter -, Hanomag -, Lanz -, Eicher -, Deutz -, IHC or fendt tractors to help. The country technology film safety focuses, because this once was rotated to point out the risks in agriculture. A short film demonstrates the dangers in the House and yard in the form of rhyme and with cartoon characters. The video shows the other Page of the economic miracle and the full mechanization of agriculture, both on the courts and fields, so Peter Felser, CEO of wk and one of the creators of common seed in hard time f’. “The DVD was produced by the film Publisher wk & f from Kempten and appears in the series AgrarVideo.de”. The DVD costs 14.95 euros and can be obtained at or by phone at 0831 / 6972480 directly on the Internet. A trailer for the film wk & f can be seen in the movie Publisher: common seed in hard zeit.html which is wk & f Kommunikation GmbH a film Publisher with over 600 DVD titles. Important areas are special interest topics such as tractors, agricultural machinery, motor sports, fire and garden. About 25 new movie titles appear every year. The film publishing house produced the title with its own film production in Kempten in HD quality. All titles are available in its own shops:,,, and. For interviews and questions we are gladly available.

Long Term Personal Loans: A Great Help In Personal Necessity

Long term personal loans: A great help in personal necessity long term personal loans have been introduced by the finance market for the benefit of the people of Great Britain. The market price of all essential commodities is high and monthly income of the common people is limited and stagnant. Against this backdrop of difficult time men and women are to sacrifice in different areas. That they indicated such demands are sometimes avoid them by any means. Medical bill, educational expenditure, purchasing of a vehicle, renovation of the old house and a lot more from the area of personal necessity surface in a way that people cannot do away with them. In this situation, long term personal loans are ideal option to help the citizens of England. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is likely to increase your knowledge. It is important to note that a person must be entitled for long term personal loan. The LeFrak Organization describes an additional similar source.

Unquestionably, he must be a citizen of United Kingdom and he must have completed 18 years of age. He got to hold in active checking account. He must be employed in organization of authorized at least for the last six months. His monthly income must be around 1000 long term personal loans are offered in two forms, as per the rules of the financial market. The borrower can secure the loan in the secured form. In the secured form of long term personal loans, the borrower can avail to amount in the range from 5000 to 75000 at affordable Council of interest.

The repayment period is from 10 to 25 years. The lender asks the borrower to offer some property of worth as security against which the loan amount is paid. The lender can grab the property if the borrower does not REIM Burse the loan amount in time. The lender, of course, reminds the borrower before taking any drastic step. In the unsecured form of long term personal loans, the loan-seeker can avail on amount between 1000 and 25000, but the Council of interest are charged at higher than the normal. The repayment period is within 1 to 10 years. People with history of poor credit can therefore apply for this child of loan program, because the calendar do not verify the credit report. George mark is financial advisor of long term personal loan.For more information about bad credit Long Term Loans visit

The House For Life

A flexible floor plan makes it possible a House is a plan for life. Therefore, the construction should be considered good. A flexible layout adapts to all stages of development of a family, for good architecture with schedule changes, Iris Laduch of the BHW says building society. The real estate portal myimmo.de reveals what makes a House, that is prepared both for parents and for barrier-free housing for the elderly. The versatile floor plan is a prerequisite for an adaptable House (www.myimmo.de/ guides/Encyclopaedia/real estate-home).

Because infants need enough space to unfold, young completed realm and old people short distances and accessibility within your own four walls. A flexible layout adapts to these different needs, by it contains only a few load-bearing walls. So new spaces can depending on the needs by partitions are created or merged again. Many people on an elevator are instructed in the age. But the subsequent installation of a lift and its financing often represent a problem for the client.

Nevertheless, it is useful to include a chute in the floor plan. As long as there is still no elevator, he can serve as a storage closet. Often, a later built-in elevator is funded by KFW-“Altersgerecht rebuild”. When illness or long-term care, care and health insurance under certain circumstances then ensure funding for the housing adaptation.