This book is dedicated to all the people who live in rented accommodation and shared square meters with one or more neighbor. So, you take an apartment to save on rent you live a few more people, like people, they can be good, but as neighbors you obviously do not like. Carry out the "guerrilla" war to eliminate the negative qualities that are inherent to your roommate. Filed under: John Savignano. 1.Vash neighbor slut. He always leaves her things everywhere, do not wash time dishes, forgets to remove from the table and cleaning the house for him an unmitigated disaster. Methods to counteract: Take time when you are confident that he will not be able to refer to the employment and under this pretext to leave the apartment, and you will listen.

Explain that it's a good guy and that living with him is a pleasure, just a nuance spoils the relationship, namely, its sloppiness. Show proof of his words, that it did not seem settling of accounts. Get ready for early for possible excuses. For example: "I have no time" – "I, too, but I clean up after themselves," when I trash? "-" Yesterday, after dinner you can not put away the dishes, however, as in yesterday "or" a when you clean? ". Few can talk prepared once and for all solve this problem. 2.Lyubit take your food without asking. Sure to start a conversation because he took your bread or sausages once, it's not an excuse. You only get the title "Snob", but when these actions are occurring continuously, then there must act decisively.