Sometimes potential clients, tenants of apartments it seems that employee participation in the transaction a real estate agency there was no need. They naively believe that it is not difficult – to rent an apartment on the day moscow inexpensively, without intermediaries. People such as Stephen M. Ross would likely agree. What is frequently used fraudsters operating under the guise of information firm. Below we will show you work in the rental of these realtors. If you keep the rules, the chances of success much increased. Today, apartments for rent – an independent kind of real estate services, a specialist in this area should be some specific knowledge and skills. Optimal choice would be a realtor, the main profile of which is to rent apartments.

Real estate services for rental housing include the following: This selection of apartments matching your requirements, inspection powers on the other hand, preparation of the lease. The contract stipulate all that you feel is important and necessary to be stipulated. In the future it will protect you from many problems. Follow the relationship between landlord and tenant will occur without the mediation agency Real Estate. Nevertheless, in the event the parties' dispute, solid agency, whenever feasible, to promote a settlement of the dispute.

What are the risks lie in wait for the landlord, helping you to rent an apartment in Moscow cheap (One-room apartment in Moscow, two-room …). The first risk – failure to pay. Secondly, the risk of damage to property. In some cases the damage can be overridden by the pledge. Or insure the property (if the cost significant). Moreover, if a real estate agency has the exclusive right to rent any apartment to rent, then the insurance pays the realtor. Renting an apartment, the next important rule: do not neglect entering into a contract of lease. Reward employer realtor is 80 – 100 percent of the rent for the month. Specialist for it should: – look for an apartment – to enable customers to view – To discuss with Each of the parties to the treaty provisions – give customers advice on law, marketing – to verify the title documents for the parties, yielding an apartment for rent. Inseparable part of the contract are as inventory, and cash receipts. Moscow apartments for rent from the owners – a frequent request on the Internet, in the same Internet you can find the realtor's office with a good reputation.