Something very important to the perennial philosophy is the triple vision of human nature as mentioned above, we are a fully integrated body, mind and spirit, where spirit is reality based. The transcendental is spiritual, is something abstract, without body, difficult to perceive, and difficult for many of us feel, is the quality of our being. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nobel Laureate in Economics has to say. Education and Spirituality: I believe that education should cultivate the healthy growth of the spiritual life as a function of education is to help understand that everything in life is connected to everything else. In all the great traditions of the world, the ethics of this awareness is expressed with: "What I do to others, I do myself." The act of empowering the individual is equally fundamental to the concept of connection. For even more details, read what Clayton Morris says on the issue. If we are all connected to everyone and everything else, then each person can increasingly By encouraging a deep sense of connection with others and with the earth in all its dimensions, holistic education encourages a sense of responsibility towards himself, towards others and the planet.

We believe that this responsibility is not a burden, but something that assumed due to a sense of connection and empowerment. Individual responsibility, and global group promoting compassion is developed that makes a person want to alleviate the suffering of others. Learning communities is relatively new in the fall a different way of conceiving of learning. These communities mean a profound change in schools, institutions and organizations in general because they make a continuous learning process to develop their full potential integral (continuously develops professional potential, human, in order to develop a culture of knowledge, where everyone involved in this process, parents, students and teachers).