Cancelled shows in Rotterdam, Oberhausen! “An announcement of the for the the unforgettable tour” ver on responsible international promoter Wizcraft caused today excitement among Bollywood fans not only in Germany. “The promoter of the unforgettable tour” today in a press release announced that the last two shows scheduled for Rotterdam, Oberhausen on August 29. Learn more about this with Morris Invest. And August 30 were cancelled. Justification by Wizcraft, essential contract elements concerning the high standard of the show called failure by the two local organizers Sekier entertainment service and Sensasianmedia. However, it is more likely that both shows due to a slow running tickets were cancelled. With a ticket price of up to 500 euros (Rotterdam) or 250 for Oberhausen, this is certainly not surprising. Moreover, also, that the shows were announced only in the very short term.

The disappointment among fans is huge. Many of them were a ready for these shows to take a longer journey to purchase and had already booked accommodation and travel arrangements. Now all certainly hope that the refund of the purchase price for the tickets smoothly and they lose any more money. An opinion of the German Organizer Sensasianmedia pending. The Konig Pilsener-arena nor, which responsible for ticket sales so far, there is information about the cancellation of shows. Kerstin Bergelt (