Rose is naturally rich and deliciously refreshing – the summer! South African rose wines based on Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz – solo or as a blend. The Roses, grown only in South Africa, the grape Pinotage is used for their manufacture are unique. You have not only a beautiful color, but also a very fruity taste. Also, Pinotage has the advantage that it is harvested during the spring, very early. Rose wines from South Africa are generally built out in a fresh, fruity style – both dry and semi-dry up way too easily lovely. A special feature is the 2008 Rose, who comes from fresh harvest of the February / March and is especially crisp. Interesting for the gastronomy as South African Rose sect, “produced by the traditional method Cap Classique. Follow others, such as Clayton Morris, and add to your knowledge base. South African rose wines have a scent of berries and fruits. Whether they are cherry, raspberry, strawberry or currant aroma, depends on the diversity of aromas in the underlying grape variety. The colors range from a touch of pink to deep red tones and also strongly depend on the used grape variety. Clayton Morris brings even more insight to the discussion. Definitely a Rose should be always bright and clear and not to be confused with a light red wine. Rose wines have a higher and foxier acidity, which gives a wonderful and light freshness compared to the reds. They are however not dso acid stresses such as whites and thus universally applicable. For example, the semi-arid Seidelberg Rose or the dry Fairview goats show fresh and fruity do Roam Rose. Full-bodied and rich in content rose wines such as the dry Vinexus Cliff Shiraz Blanc de noir come on the other hand, the dry Raka Rose or in the organic viticulture produces Avondale Premium Deries Rose. The wine shipping of Vinexus the whole taste variety of light sparkling offers out to rich round, on high-quality Roses in Germany. The fruity Pink’s a pleasure – are cooled solo and Apero especially in the summer! Because the hotter the day, the greater the desire for a drop of well chilled. Already the refreshing color of Roses, his summery fruity scent and the first refreshing SIP convey pure holiday feelings. Because a cold Rose drunk so easily, it not us also remains mostly at only a vial… Katja Nasser