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Obama on Finances

So it appears that we were not who choose the form as this crisis appeared, but can choose the half ones to deal with it, we declared Obama when presenting considered project one of the priorities of its government. In the center of the plan he is the Federal one Reserves (Fed, American central banking), that he will have ‘ ‘ superpoderes’ ‘ to supervise the biggest institutions financial and to intervine in case that sistmicos risks are identified. the plan still foresees the creation of an agency to protect the consumer of financial products. The program reaches banks not only. It will also serve for insuring, companies of the credit sector and giants of the areas industrial and commercial, as General Electric, Ford and Wal-Mart – that it is prepared to create a great financial arm in its operations. Any company who will have> financial activities, exactly that to finance its consumers, it could be under the umbrella of the program. As result of the reforms, that will have of being approved by the Congress, restrictions to the payments of executives of Wall street will be able to still appear (what many congressmen support) and bigger limitations of what the proposals for the Obama.Em administration the base of the federal package, has three main points: 1) Greater to be able of intervention of the government in the financial market, with authority to assume considered companies ‘ ‘ great excessively for cair’ ‘ ; 2) More transparency and increase of the necessities of capital in the banks so that they resist the new crises; beyond control in the calls ‘ ‘ operations exticas’ ‘ with derivatives and other instruments; 3) More protection to the consumers of financial products (of real estate loans to the consumption and, it saw credit cards or education). In the launching of the program, Obama arrived to characterize as ‘ ‘ contracts ridculos’ ‘ the clauses today imposed the consumers.

Economy in Spain

With an unemployment rate around 18%, more than double the EU average, in the debate in Spain about the need for labor reform. A proposal hundred economists, for a single contract indefinitely, now joined by seven experts, who argue that labor reform is not the priority. The last before the current crisis, that of 1993, unemployment also stood at around four million unemployed but the employed population then was only twelve million people, against nineteen million people today. The increase in foreign population in Spain, migrants who have come in the heat of the housing bubble, such situations occur, as in the highlights of the Aznar government, unemployment was around 10%, but with a population occupied than at present, between sixteen and seventeen million people.

This does not mean that high unemployment is a result of this immigrant population, but it has greatly increased due to the high weight in the Spanish economy low value added activities and very intensive labor, such as catering or construction (real estate booming, brick employed up to 13% of the population, while in other countries is about 5% or 6%, which is also much more consistent with what would be the size of the housing stock in Spain). Construction has destroyed 700,000 jobs in the last year, and this downturn has allowed the temporary employment in Spain fall by about 30% to 25% through non-renewals of contracts and temporary layoffs (even so, the temporary Spain is still about double the European average). In this situation, the group of one hundred economists among which is the current secretary of state for economics, Jose Manuel Campa, even when he signed the manifesto did not yet have this post-only advocates an indefinite contract, to end this dual labor market, with workers “Privileged”, the indefinite, and others with very few rights-storms. Hear other arguments on the topic with PLD.

‘ It Was Of The Bolsas’ It Is In Game

can call it historical day for Brazil – the high fort of the barrel of oil reached the mark has remembered of US$ 142,00, being able, thus to say, to be a strong maker of that the situation is not nothing good for there, indicating, moreover, that the weakness of the dollar and the uncertainties on the conditions of offer of oil for the world not ‘ they are these there coisas’. Here in Brazil the perspectives for the year that comes are same that for the remaining portion of the world, that is, the concern of that the crisis in the real estate market and its effect for the credit market can confuse to all, as, still, to be a strong signal of that, moreover, U.S.A., also, persists in high problems of ‘ ‘ dficits’ ‘ in its accounts. So that today let us can feel the spread of ‘ ‘ Americana crisis; ‘ to only verify the last results of the Brazilian Financial Market. It is evident that U.S.A. does not go to give up easily. The world appositive in the politics of credit injection and in the politics of interests made by the Federal one Reserves. Here in Brazil, some points can be detached, such as: The Brazilian population feels: its power of purchase is each dried time more. The generalized food crisis and the consequences in the inflation indices are directions, had the strong run down between it offers and the demand that the indications of disequilibrium easily perceived in 27 mark out with buoys Jun 08 in the closing of the IGP-M in 1,98% against 1,61% in May, confirming its bigger variation since February of 2003. History proves that in Brazil agriculture costuma to give to fast answers the brusque movements of market. But, what today one perceives, it is that the food crisis this being sidewalk for the advance of the production and the consumption of the combustible alcohol, whose raw material is used in the manufacture of Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation

tax of interests of 15,06% to the year, against 14,98%, closed in the previous day.