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What were previously only rumors, is now a reality, and the reform of the unit has come. Now the so-called minimum level, i.e., the money given to the communities for each dependent, will be reduced by 13%, so that the autonomous communities must continue meeting these people, but with fewer resources. For this reason, communities save 280 million, provided they conform with lowering established 15% since they are allowed to reduce the wages of carers. You may want to visit Philadelphia Real Estate to increase your knowledge. Contributions to social security which the Government had been paying all those family members who cared for a dependent at home, will be suspended on 31 August, by that from such date, the family caregiver shall be responsible for 94% of the total number of the quota (of 100% if you want to continue paying contributions), with a 10% bonus. All communities may take a period of two years, until the dependent receives your help, without that this generates delays that payable afterwards when they have the final score as dependents.

Also, they have a period of eight years to go to beneficiaries paying the debt owed by the delay in granting the aid further than the time allowed. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chestnut Hill College. This reform will have a series of consequences which shall devolve upon the beneficiaries of dependency benefits, since more than half are people older than 80 years, and 21% are between 65 and 79 years. Also mortality for them is not the same as that for the rest of the population in those same ages, since they suffer from diseases or disabilities. There are now 260,000 persons entitled to the allowance who are waiting to receive aid from some time ago, and this figure should be added the 60,000 people who enter the system every two years. When a person with 70 years, begins with symptoms of future dependence, their life expectancy tends to be eight years, but has to attain sufficient gravity, or not fend for itself so dependent analyzing the reform of law and the results can be declared they will be derived from it, suggests that a great solution for dependent persons over the age of 65, can be the reverse mortgage or annuities, because they may monetize their housing, charging a monthly income with which to improve their living conditions. In this case, and may pay the fee of the family caregiver, without having to relinquish the care and attention that are indispensable to this collective, and to maintain this quality of life that was with all of the aid granted.

‘ It Was Of The Bolsas’ It Is In Game

can call it historical day for Brazil – the high fort of the barrel of oil reached the mark has remembered of US$ 142,00, being able, thus to say, to be a strong maker of that the situation is not nothing good for there, indicating, moreover, that the weakness of the dollar and the uncertainties on the conditions of offer of oil for the world not ‘ they are these there coisas’. Here in Brazil the perspectives for the year that comes are same that for the remaining portion of the world, that is, the concern of that the crisis in the real estate market and its effect for the credit market can confuse to all, as, still, to be a strong signal of that, moreover, U.S.A., also, persists in high problems of ‘ ‘ dficits’ ‘ in its accounts. So that today let us can feel the spread of ‘ ‘ Americana crisis; ‘ to only verify the last results of the Brazilian Financial Market. It is evident that U.S.A. does not go to give up easily. The world appositive in the politics of credit injection and in the politics of interests made by the Federal one Reserves. Here in Brazil, some points can be detached, such as: The Brazilian population feels: its power of purchase is each dried time more. The generalized food crisis and the consequences in the inflation indices are directions, had the strong run down between it offers and the demand that the indications of disequilibrium easily perceived in 27 mark out with buoys Jun 08 in the closing of the IGP-M in 1,98% against 1,61% in May, confirming its bigger variation since February of 2003. History proves that in Brazil agriculture costuma to give to fast answers the brusque movements of market. But, what today one perceives, it is that the food crisis this being sidewalk for the advance of the production and the consumption of the combustible alcohol, whose raw material is used in the manufacture of Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation

tax of interests of 15,06% to the year, against 14,98%, closed in the previous day.