Editor’s Note: International investment capital will rotating according to sectors and countries, and joints in each of them. The crisis in the real estate sector, mainly in United States and many countries in Europe, many investors are betting to Brazil, by many attractions, for example, the real estate market. More than 20 companies linked to the sector traded on the stock exchange of Sao Paulo. They can send me your comments to: tourism and Real Estate: two Booms in Brazil Buenos Aires, Argentina 17 of March 2008 then the results of the first months of this year, one cannot deny that the perspectives of the Brazilian economy are good or very good, according to the perspective where you look. It is true that San Pablo bag shows fearful by what could happen with the crisis in U.S..UU.

and this is why it reacts negatively to each pessimistic news from the North. But the macroeconomic results show another reality and seem to not be feeling the impact of the problems that are impacting on the economy of the North. But beyond whether the crisis in the United States.UU. You can reach to affect the Brazilian economy in the medium term, there are two sections of the community who seem to be alien to the context of international crisis and they are the real estate sector and the tourism sector. For these two sectors is foreseen investments US $4,500 million in 2008. In South America, Brazil is a tourist destination par excellence, and with a constantly growing economy which is reflected in improvements in infrastructure, its appeal is even greater.

It have taken note the foreign capital, mainly Portuguese and Spanish who will invest around US $2.1 billion in the next 3 years. There are currently 150 hotel developments under construction that will begin operations in 2009. This tourism boom is not unique to Brazil, since also Mexico, Colombia and Argentina are enjoying it.