Panasonic is proud to announce the completion of the next line of cameras Lumix – 10,1-Megapixel DMC-FS7 and 8.1-megapixel DMC-FS6, equipped with bright Leica DC lens with F2.8 aperture and 4x optical zoom (33-132 mm in 35 – mm equivalent). Intelligent Auto mode, which gives its new Panasonic camera, greatly simplifies the process of shooting and reduces configuration errors. Improved lens in these models, which allowed make the camera body is incredibly thin, meets the highest standards of Leica and demonstrates exceptional optical performance. Camera DMC-FS7 features a large 2.7 "(2,5" for DMC-FS6) LCD screen with high resolution 230 000 pixels for easy control of shooting and playback recorded images. Intelligent LCD Screen (Intelligent LCD) sets out the conditions of exterior lighting and automatically boosts brightness by up to 40% when shooting in sunny day outside, but in low light adjusts the frame rate. In addition, in such situations the method of pixel-mixed readout to increase the visibility of the image.

On-screen menus in the new models have become more distinct and easier to navigate. Both models DMC-DMC-FS7 and DMC-FS6 allow you to play recorded images in a slide show with musical accompaniment. All Lumix cameras can record still images High Definition 1920 x 1080 pixels, perfect for viewing on a widescreen TV, HDTV 16:9 format. User is offered a choice of icons that will show that the subject is in focus. You can choose any of them – the usual point, a flower, a car or other form you like.

In addition, the arsenal of functional models FS6 FS7 and added a new mode of "Photo Frame", which allows you to decorate pictures beautiful setting. When printing these images will look like real cards, and you will be pleased to give them to friends. Another mode of customization – My Song (My Scene) – allows you to select two the most popular scene modes so you can instantly switch between them on camera. Panasonic is pleased to offer a new 12.1-megapixel digital camera for a series of Lumix FS – DMC-FS25 from 29-mm wide angle Leica DC lens and 5x optical zoom (29 to 145 mm in 35-mm equivalent) with a large 3-inch display. In the model, DMC-FS25 Intelligent Auto mode is enhanced by features AF Tracking * (Auto Tracking), and Intelligent Exposure (Intelligent Exposure). In addition, face detection (Face Detection), the possibility of adjusting the digital red-eye. " In iA mode the camera does everything himself, including autofocus, a function Mega OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer), Intelligent ISO Control (Intelligent Control Sensitivity ISO), Intelligent Scene Selector (Intelligent Scene Selector) and the mode of Intelligent Exposure (Intelligent Exposure). Panasonic will also represent the camera DMC-FS15 with 2.7-inch 230,000-dot Intelligent LCD, the model in the same line with the DMC-FS25. This camera is equipped with a 29 mm ultra wide-angle lens Leica DC Vario-Elmar with a powerful 5x optical zoom (29-145 mm) * in a compact housing, as well as in all other cells present iA Intelligent Auto mode for still images, including autofocus, face detection, Optical Image Stabilizer, Intelligent adjustable sensitivity ISO, Intelligent Scene Selector, Intelligent Exposure, as well – superfast high-performance image processing Venus Engine IV. Life is so beautiful! The most important moments of life will help you capture Lumix camera from Panasonic! Merry you leave!