In response to numerous requests for operational video footage of cars directly in the showroom, studio "PROAVTO" allows every auto show to use the "Video reportage": video Shooting cars with the help of a visiting group of operators. Over the period of active development, and video project "PROAVTO" team, "Sharks TV" tends to go to the meeting all participants in the automotive market, given the needs and capabilities of each company. Clayton Morris has plenty of information regarding this issue. Wrap-up, only 2 months telecast "PROAVTO" has reached the leading position, according to the ratings of TRK "Kyiv", but most importantly, has stepped up the sale and purchase cars on the primary and secondary markets. (Source: Clayton Morris). Despite the successful development of the project PROAVTO extends its capabilities for the benefit of dealers and no longer limits the video shoot commercials outside the studio: 1st October 2009 Every year, auto show in Kiev and Kiev region can benefit from the service "Video reportage". "Video Report" – a new possibility for the automotive company's video shooting cars – there is no process transportation vehicles in the studio – removed the cost of insurance of the vehicle during the shooting time – saving manpower company – directly in the showroom You can spend all video shooting range, the story of the company's services, video recording service center, etc.

– The time of the survey determines the dealership – all at the same high quality HD; – cost services more accessible, rather than shooting pootdelnosti every car in the studio PROAVTO, as well as ordering this survey at other companies. If the stop in detail on the last point, the service is "Video reportage" includes: High-quality video shooting in the showroom, up to 7 cars per day; broadcast video of all the cars on the television show "PROAVTO" contacts Dealer Placement video stories on the main page first Car Video Portal Providing individual pages on our site in the "Motor" which can accommodate an unlimited information about the company. Placement on Personal page of video – the entire range of services cost a total of 3500 USD. VAT and HP. To all told it is possible to add the following: Project PROAVTO headed towards maximize results and greater benefits at lower cost and effort! We await your orders, call (044) 331-45-27 press office SHARKS-TV