They will be presented idealistic that had left more significant contributions for the city, where one had the vision directed toward the tourist growth of the city, with enterprises that it had left this symbol of beauty and the other with eyes come back toward the social one and that also it contributes for this growth with Hospital, Day-care center, College. It will be noticed throughout the text that as well as, in many cities, the population of migrante street arrives at the Guaruj with expectations of equal or bigger jobs of what the too much cities. This if of to a great appearance of it offers in the space of work for being littoral and tourist and also the question of boom was boarded real estate that it contributed for the sprouting and growth of the innumerable slum quarters in the city. Boom real estate is another boarded subject in this capitulates, so that it strengthens the agreement of another generating point of these citizens that live in the streets of Guaruj. The rupture of offers of jobs in the decade of 80 in the city of Guaruj caused great impact in the townspeople leading some the search of informal alternatives of work and others to the choice of the street as housing.

To understand the city in its development with questions where the unemployment is main factor, and the growth I appeal of it social and of the necessity of one politics of attention to the population of consistent street, it will be basic for questionings of as the managers deal with its inhabitants street. The unfastening of the indifferences and preconceptions suffered in other cities for the migrantes that arrive every day will be necessary to approach. Without closing the eyes for politics hygienist who many times had been also applied in Guaruj. The focus of comment and interrogation will be the offered treatment and of that it forms the city searchs answers to the worse problems that if present equal or that other cities of our country.