Surcharge for an extra room will be almost two thousand rubles. monthly. Thus "kopeck piece 'at the moment is very real, even to rent at rates close to 14 thousand rubles. per month. If divide the rent for two people – in 7000, goes very comparable to the price of a room in a typical communal. These flats are currently for rent in hiring from 6000 on a monthly basis in residential areas and from 7000 – close to the center.

$ 30,000 per month for rent is noteworthy that in the past year, have grown quite sensitive to the daily average prices for rental housing. Now living quarters on the outskirts of St. Petersburg leases from 1500 rub. per day, the prestigious and elite proposal closer to the center normally employed for 6000 rubles. for 24 hours. This is despite the fact that in the middle of the season, according to observers, find an unoccupied facility is very problematic. A year ago the rent was published in 1.5-2 times cheaper. Price tags are sensitive to the growth of appeal of Peter for tourists.

Owning real estate is becoming more profitable to rent in summer at the rather short deadlines. Another key for the market – actively average market price rises in the bar prestigious apartments. If the 2005th market analysts restrict the maximum price tag of $ 10,000 for 30 days, a year ago they were talking about bars for $ 15,000, now called the apartment to $ 30,000 per month removal (to example, in a similar amount of exposed flats in the historical center of St. Petersburg the meter 270 square meters with a personal bathroom in three rooms and the author's design). Luxury apartment for the meter 320 m 2 Petrovsky, etc., which the owner was taking in $ 14,000 monthly, lined up a bunch of people. Rate of 22,000 $ / 30 days for residential real estate on the waterfront Griboedov is no surprise. Really, it was not that increase the price existing apartments. With each season in the proposals appear more 'heaped up' living quarters – at the root of the new rates. The apartment is happy to hire officers and executives of prominent corporations. Business in question While in the future prospects of the VIP Housing analysts say that with a lot of questions. It is clear that rental prices will be lower than the cost of a home mortgage (otherwise accessible to renters to buy an apartment on the loan). And even profitability this business today abroad the current level of inflation and the rise of interest rates on real estate prices in the gulf recruitment will increase. Specialists make conflicting conclusions: some believe that market rental housing is considerably undervalued and should eliminate the gap, while others believe that, by contrast, rents and will be further and further behind on the price of purchase. Converge only in the fact that gradually in St. Petersburg is a process common to every large European city. Living in such a metropolis has become much overhead than the average across the country. Here is more expensive to buy a house and rent it. In the meantime, average statistical income residents of the Northern Capital are hanging on the Russian average level – to give more for the model apartment they were not ready. As the market adjusts the price and cost of rent – it is not clear.