Stimulate the economy. Compensate for the chronic deficit in a country suffering its trade balance. 3. Reduce dependence on foreign loans, the interest continually increased, reduced financial flexibility to resources the debtor country should promote better integration of government policies towards tourism development and considering that Tourism is a major employer, both skilled and unskilled. It would require the assistance of a large number of personnel to increase and improve the infrastructure (hotels, roads, telecommunications, etc.) Providing multiple types of services, providing security for tourists, etc.

so this industry could be one of the most efficient tools to fight poverty and boost the economy. * In a country with many tourist attractions and to exploit niches in the industry, an effective tourism marketing, led and driven by state policies with strategic vision and long term, could put tourism as the main non-oil economic activity. * To train and employ young people to the profile Venezuelan generally requires providing the staff working in public service various tour operators will increase their quality of life. * An effective combination of strategies related to pricing, distribution, advertising and products and services result in increasing the competitiveness of our country into a global industry worth billions of dollars each year. This in turn would represent a significant reduction of dependence on a single production sector (the oil). Should be further improved care and customer service, giving all that necessary assistance to enable it to enjoy their investment for obtaining a right to enjoy whatever your needs require.