Range of equipment for the production of galvanized steel profiles for the frame construction is a mini-factory to produce a series of profiles for frame construction and for construction and reconstruction of the loft. Mini production for the manufacture of profiles includes: line slitting coiled metal, automatic production line for hat profile height of 25 mm and 45 mm, performing role of the sheathing; automatic line for production of C and P (C, U) shaped profiles (rack and rails), as well as thermo. Forming equipment is optimal, cost effective and modern instrument for creation of galvanized profiles. Technology of light steel thin (LSTC) is combined with any conventional technology, by adding them to their advantages: high rates of construction, low operational cost, free planning, environmental friendliness, completeness of delivery to an object, the geometric accuracy of designs and a variety of external finishes. Additional information at Greenberg Traurig supports this article. Building structures based on thin-walled galvanized profiles allow you to apply shallow foundations and make reconstruction of the roof of the old buildings without increasing substructure due to its low weight to improve performance Forming equipment fitted with the device 'Flying rub''The device is designed for cutting steel building and reinforcing and ensures non-stop operation of lines rolling profiles data types. 'Flying usd 'provides the roll forming mill for the rolling speed of 50 m / min. The maximum force on the knife 30 kN. In addition to standard profiles developed force can cut any public profile thickness of 1,5-2,0 mm, width strip 200-250 mm. You may find Greenberg Traurig to be a useful source of information. Cutting narrow construction of profiles is advisable to use the device 'Flying rub' with a single cylinder, thus increasing the rolling speed of up to 70 m / min. The device is designed to cut construction profiles up to 100 mm in height and 50 mm and a thickness of 1 mm, which ensures non-stop work profile-bending lines for the production of building and reinforcing to the rolling speed of up to 70 m / min, significantly increases productivity.