The mission is accomplished in their own family, at school, in town or city in the Church and the world. Introduction: The mission is to help build the Kingdom of God by developing one’s own person and serving the community in a particular state of life.The mission takes place in the family, at school, in town or city in the Church and the world. Mission: It is the task of evangelization that Jesus entrusted to his Church and is carried out by the action of the Holy Spirit. The mission takes specific ragos each convened in the Church and in various historical situations. Since the Old Testament, we see how God moves to specific people: shepherds, simple men, workers, peasants, etc.To fulfill a mandate, which is an unique, unrepeatable, fitted with such force that is able to move the heart. Whoever receives the call is not free from some doubt, distrust in their own forces (vgr. Moses, Jeremiah), or even refuses to obey God (as in the case of Jonah, not wanting to go preach to Nineveh). In the , the nature of the mission takes on a more specific connotation and total, with the inauguration of the Kingdom of God. For Jesus and his preaching, with his works, with his whole person, reveals the meaning of all mission: to do the will of the Father, will you have a specific word, the “Kingdom.”Thus, all sent on a mission this one will follow Jesus’ mission of bringing the Good News of the Kingdom of God to men. Thus, we can see how throughout the history of salvation are given these items of God who calls to a specific vocation and the man who even despite his condition, he answered the Lord and fulfill the mission, knowing that God is with him. Another element of the mission that we highlight is the community. It is the vital space in which it develops mission vocation.God, who loves his people, his Church, his community is always ready to listen to their cries gritosy, hence responds by calling and choosing certain persons for the service. This service is developed for the good of the Church and all humanity.This is the reason that the Church is evangelized and evangelizing, and because the entire Church has a deep career structure: it is called to the mission, a sign of Christ, missionary of the Father. Some rules for the mission are: – Sense of service, charity, dynamism. – A life of prayer and communion with God. – Provision, sense of Church, openness to others. – Zeal for the Kingdom and for evangelism. Career Day. Diocesan Vocation Team of the Archdiocese of Acapulco.