Its urban development says a lot if we analyze them in the light of this. While the Hispanic City settled in this territory followed the model of the European city; of the originating indigenous reductions was due to their worldview. We have as well as trace the street of the Jiron de la Union, his career follows the model of a very sinuous road to example of a snake that is moving; with which we can defer their worldview moved it to the architectural design of their homes, which would add to his deity, as it is catequil bears resemblance to the Quechua worldview AMARU. This is going to continue living during the Republic and up to our days. If we ask a small review of all these settlements will be seen that they are still there and are witnesses of what experienced indigenous communities that currently have again migrated to areas more high as a result of the survival in their minds of the organization they inherited from their old nationalities.

According to this the Trujillano historian Alberto Pinillos, can ensure that the first cry of freedom occurred in the Department of Libertad, in the city of Trujillo. Do good for my assails me the question seeing that the aforementioned Lord morficas antro characteristics belong to an ancient descendant moche or Chimu, who knows could assert independence we are talking about? Those who shouted freedom? They were not perhaps only those who lived in the Iberian armaya which was within the walls of the city of Trujillo, is no better witness to this historical circumstance Mr Alberto Pinillos?. The descendants of the peoples who are the owners of this territory does not feel for anything that independence that was and will be only for the descendants of Iberian and not descendants of indigenous peoples, this is the real truth and you as a historian should tell it so that you do not confuse more objective it of the events that happened in this territory. Those who were released, were those who always dominated and They azolaron this territory for their own interests, but not indigenous communities that always live up to now in permanent servitude, being plundered their territories, of course now shapes have varied, but have the same purpose, the of the Spanish descendient6es enrich and impoverish the true owners of this territory. Please understand that in the there are two very different Nations, some which are invaders and not to who you make historiography and which are invisible my which are more than 80 percent of those who live here, but they have another worldview. Who all wanted monarchy join them, but it is impossible despite the progress of sociology and anthropology, and above all the American actions that deals destroy our Nations as culminating step to become owner of our territories, as evidenced by its thousands of school documents that mention that the Amazon is American. It is then clear showing the reality, Mr historian. August, 2009.