It also provides free full legal support for the deal that is worth a lot, if ordering this service separately. The desire to find the lowest price, for example, if a company – the intermediary with which you working, offers property at a price significantly below market, or in case of purchase through it ensures unbelievable bonuses, then we would have reflected on your site, and if all there clean? Do not forget that in Spain, as well as everywhere, free cheese is correctly, it was there! Woes of a failed deal stronger than the joy of low prices why when buying a home in Spain should apply to us? Our experience and expertise Affiliate “Gulf Stream” – a network of offices throughout Ukraine, as well as in many cities in Russia and other countries. We value our reputation. That is why our partners in all countries – the company has been successfully operating in the market. Professionals! Specialists of the Spanish company have vast experience working with clients from the cis countries.

They know all the nuances and special requirements of this type of client. You are always safe from unpleasant surprises! Wide range of services we can offer you: A wide range of residential and commercial real estate in Spain; Obtaining a mortgage loan at Spanish banks on favorable terms with a minimum of formalities; Participation in lucrative investment projects in various sectors of the Spanish economy; Wide range of after-sales service real estate – this offer exclusively! Guaranteed support in any situation in a strange country, without knowledge of the language laws and customs, you may find yourself helpless in the face of various problems. But all problems are easily solvable if you know some of the nuances. Help and support for our Spanish partners does not end at the moment purchase transaction – the sale. Any service that you may need to be provided for a modest fee. Verification of each property we carefully analyze all property before offer them to you.

Be sure – you buy property free of debts and detentions, with a completely “clean” documents. What steps need to do on the way to the dream? Evaluation of financial capability to start, we suggest determine their financial capabilities. Do not worry if they are modest! Something that seems unreachable, can be yours, if we approach the creative process. Choice Real Estate Contact nearest office of the affiliate network ‘Gulf Stream’ and chat with the manager of real estate. Describe your idea of the dream home, tell the specialist about myself and my abilities. Based on your wishes, will be selected options. Experts “Gulfstream” will provide you with detailed information on how to purchase real estate, required documents and the approximate amount of future expenses. Trip to Spain for processing transactions We help you prepare for the trip to Spain. During this trip you will be able to view the proposed options of real estate and make a choice. We will help you obtain a Schengen visa and buy tickets to Spain, and our Spanish partners will meet you at the airport of arrival, place and begin to translate your dreams into reality. As you can see, nothing complicated in the process of purchasing property in Spain do not.