They had alleged that the fen is giving very little fishes, and the times pass the entire day in the tide what they badly bring for house of pr to eat. ' ' It is as if the crabs and the fish had diminuindo' '. According to information of some older inhabitants if it makes use of the existing wood for the construction of its housings, although many already to have gradual been transformed of taipa for masonry. The majority of the families deposits the garbage in the proper fen, where plastic, rubbers, cans, remaining portions of footwear, glasses, etc., contrast with the mud and to little present vegetation in the area. This added picture the esburacadas subhabitao, alleys and ruelas and its inhabitants with sad looks, form a half surrealista image, where man and nature if collate to feed a desumano system and before natural, pautado not in the valuation of the collective one, but in the game of interests of the capital and its market of inaqualities. They are understood that the old portion of the city has many social importncias, economic and cultural and that these need to be despertadas with bigger vigor in its population so that this place (REVERSE SPEED) ALIVE and if makes alive history to the eyes of the inhabitants and outsiders who arrive with its photographic machines and its joys of tourist, who if more not to come back with certainty had spoken for that early or late they will come to it enjoys of our beauties and history recounted in its ruelas, churches, casarios and large houses. A space not of rubbles, but of satisfaction for all the ones that make a Joo Person ' ' city of if viver' '. Of global form, this necessary area to pass for a revitalizao process. Understanding itself for revitalizao, not only the recovery of important constructions, but to revitar in the direction to rescue memory, imaginary history and for a full and constant cultural life.