In general, the main advertising slogan real estate agents is: 'We guarantee your safety'. Have you ever thought, visiting sites of real estate agencies, watching their commercials on tv, reading their advertisements in newspapers, why are they so hard to put emphasis on security? 'Beware! Do not work with anyone but us, and then you fool! "," Private real estate brokers, even if it is your good friends – a scam artists, and our real estate agency and white fluffy. " etc. Such phrases can be seen on the website of any real estate agency, and on the main page. The answer is very simple: the Most major competitor and an enemy of real estate agents – private realtor. Estate agents work, usually women, since it is much more susceptible to suggestion from their commanders on how benefits work in the real estate agency. On the 'benefit'.

And I was there I am confident that these data will be true for all of Murmansk real estate agencies: Apartments for seller agency takes a commission fee of 2% of the apartments with a higher price. That is, if you sell a one-room apartment for $ 40000 and buy a one bedroom for $ 50,000, then $ 1000 you pay the agency. Typically, a real estate agency commission has a fabulous way to increase the property at the time of sale of an apartment. Agent receives 25-50% of the commission of the agency. Which of the agents to sell your apartment quickly: getting 25-50% of agency or a private realtor, getting 100%? By the way, all the work for the sale of apartments does a realtor, and the agency gets its money almost for nothing.