METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online review on March 20, 2011 the day of real estate valuation took place nationwide for the third time in a row. The annual 2009 annual action is organized by IMMOBILIENWERT24. Initiator is the expert for online real estate assessment Dr. Martin Barzel. An action for more knowledge of the day the real estate valuation is an action for more knowledge when it comes to the value of own real estate.

Consumers can make a day of real estate valuation online a free incorporation of House, apartment or land. This year’s day of real estate valuation stood under the motto: method Dr. Barzel real estate online review. He was accompanied by cooperation partners of the service IMMOBILIENWERT24, as well as licensing partners city-related real estate review portals. Online real estate review as already in the previous years, took General, such as real estate owners or prospective buyers in particular the opportunity, easily and quickly free experience to the current value of their real estate consumers. In addition to the A clue can be the method Dr. Barzel also for confrontation or estate planning real estate valuation ability quickly to determine the purchase price of a property.

Individual property valuation to interested via email got forwarded a passkey. Site-specific property values, construction costs indices, depreciation values and real estate interest rates were brought to input of key object data to calculate. Property owners or prospective buyers were an individual method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation a few moments after you have entered of the information about the object. Predominantly single-family homes primarily single-family homes were rated on this day. But also condominiums, vacation rentals, residential and commercial buildings as well as vacant land were currently brought to the review. Even apartments and houses on leasehold land left on the day of valuation estimate consumers. Repeat next year due to the annually recurring success of the action will be in the Spring 2012 for the fourth time of the day the real estate valuation take place. The motto of the event will then again be: method Dr. Barzel real estate online review.