Currently, hotel investors find very interesting hotels by Hilton, Sheraton, Pullman, Mercure, Scandic to buy Holiday Inn – at the most interesting locations in Europe on good terms. Munich, 28.09.2011 bvh. More and more owners sell your hotels through the ASP’s leading hotel brokers real estate from Munich. The current world top hotels include some 350 hotels with a total sales price of around 4.2 billion euros. The Munich-based hotel broker ASP real estate conquer country to country, continent to continent in the area of hotel real estate and contact in Europe far ahead of their competitors.

The first large hotel portfolio – sales in New York, Florida and the Midwest of the United States with a total volume of EUR 1.8 billion show that the competence of the hotel is quite international format broker from Munich. More and more international hotel owner, funds / trusts, insurance companies, banks and private hoteliers sell and buy your hotel properties on the leading hotel brokers around the experienced Hotel brokers and tourism real estate experts Bodo Graf von Hardenberg, Department at Auer, Springer & partners leading the hotel real estate – very successfully since j. The current range of top hotels worldwide includes approximately 370 hotels with a total sales price of around 4.2 billion euros. In addition to interesting family hotels, wellness hotels and resort hotels in Austria, Germany, Italy and the Switzerland of the international hotel broker ASP offers Sheraton, Pullman, Mercure, NH, Holiday Inn, Melia, holiday resorts around the Mediterranean International Hotel investors to purchase real estate especially hotels of the top hotel brands, including Hilton, Starwood -. A majority of worldwide luxury hotels of course only OFF-market on selected funds, banks, (very confidential and discreet) offered Hotel investors, be offered on request. Worldwide orders search place AG over Hotel 160, investors continuously after hotel properties with different requirements and expectations at the hotel real estate experts of the ASPI In detail, hotels are by region, size, branding / hotel operator, position, category, and hotel investments especially looking for income.