If it's just sitting, you should choose for her coverage of a large central chandelier, which will be sufficiently powerful light source and merge into a whole entire room. If you intend to use the living room and as a dining room and a recreation room and a bedroom, which is not uncommon for there is a sense zonirovat room, dividing it into areas like decorating techniques, as well as a variety of lighting conditions. In this case you can go two ways, if you want to indicate quite sharply different areas – use light fixtures and lamps of different designs and sizes, but if you want to leave the possibility of merging the whole room into one space, pick a light single decorative style, or do some light hidden. Remember that light and color can not only light up a room, but quite effectively change its size. In order to visually push one of the walls Make her accent lighting in cold tones. Warm colors of light, on the contrary give intimacy and cosiness room or a separate corner. Having determined the number and location of lighting fixtures, we can proceed to the selection of online – that must be repelled, firstly, the size and the necessary illumination of the room. And second of interior space as a whole.

The larger the room, the more powerful must be luminous flux coming from the chandeliers – choose five or more open-end chandeliers, which can illuminate the room sufficiently large living room, in some cases still is not superfluous to extra lighting remote corners of the room. Sale of fixtures by the first year and knowing a lot about lighting gives a more regular board – enough for small rooms, usually three to five carob chandelier, but that's no reason not to buy favorite chandelier in the ceiling more. Adjust the lighting in this case, it is possible, including only part of the lamp, or by installing a smooth dimmer. Living room with low ceilings, low-hanging, cumbersome chandelier is hardly appropriate or convenient, in that case, choose the model, as it pressed against the ceiling, where the volume is divided horizontally rather than vertically. Room suites, decorated in a classic Style has always been and will fit the classic crystal chandeliers, a superior quality which allows them to not get old for centuries. For private houses decorated in country style suit deliberately rude chandeliers elements of aged metal. Not that the picture of chaos, the lack of perfect symmetry in this case, only accentuate the charm of living at home.

However, it should be remembered that such metal chandeliers can be very difficult and not always appropriate in the apartment, they need a very strong attachment to the ceiling, that the apartments do not always possible. The interior in the style of hi-tech has its own requirements for coverage, usually in the interior lamps are not set a preference or a hidden built-in lighting. If the chandelier and installed, it differs exacting detail, an abundance of glass and steel. If you are uncertain of the future situation in room, choose a chandelier with unobtrusive neutral colors, without any obvious stylistic direction – to such suit almost any furniture. Or alternatively select a bright, eye-catching chandelier, so that later, starting from its style to build the whole interior.