Usually it is recommended to take fixed-term deposits for several times and this is also a good idea. In the case that the consumer had to need on his day money reserves the funds of the Festgeldanlage with the short term it will soon be back to the Available. These can be created again as day money as reserve. That makes sense! Interest rates are currently low, but slightly higher than for money, and the customer can achieve at least a light return. The big advantage of fixed-term deposits but is security. Fixed term, fixed rate, no risk of loss. Therefore, fixed-term deposits such as day money for anyone suitable. Can it be something more? Call money and term deposits are due to security, ease of use and quick availability in each investment mix.

Of course, there are other useful forms of investment, which provide higher yields to the part. Who is already well positioned in the field of the safe investments and has also saved money, for which makes the initial statement of direction. There are many possibilities. Real estate, life insurance and the gang on the stock exchange. Conclusion shouldn’t abide by precociousness recommendations and exaggerated promises of return of no one to use the basic forms of investment. Statistics show that many consumers store their money on the bank account or keep even at home.

They shouldn’t but, because inflation eats up a part of the purchasing power of savings. The effort in call money and term deposits to invest is low and can be done in a few steps. To find a provider and to assess the market situation, the editorial staff of offers a newsletter monthly and current product checks available are on the page. The interested can read up so quickly in the topic.